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About ella

Ella is the world's first cloud-based, deep-learning search engine that augments video surveillance systems with natural language searching. Ella products and installation services are available through our network of authorized and licensed dealers in North America. Become an ella authorized dealer today to bring your customers state-of-the-art surveillance solutions that monitor, index, and alert on important events in real-time! This cutting edge solution will safeguard your clients while also eliminating the burden of having to sift through hours of surveillance video just to capture the interesting events in life.

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Program Benefits

The ella dealer program empowers dealers with the flexibility of taylormade cloud recording plans, interactive customer management, and a cross-platform RMR model. All of this is built on an interactive platform to deliver the latest technology and services to exceed the customer's experience and expectations.

  • Resilience

    The ella dealer portal offers a range of pre-configured application plans. Furthermore, dealers can create taylormade plan templates based on their own applications, hardware setup and storage requirements.

  • Cross Platform RMR

    With our fully integrated StripeĀ® payment gateway, not only are our dealers in charge of their designated profit but payments to the dealers are made instantly in real time.

  • Realtime support and Guidance

    With our live web chat agent, dealers are able to chat live with certified ella technicians to assist with plan creation, customer management and support inquiries.

  • Tools for growth

    With the ella dealer portal growing your business has never been easier. Marketing assistance is available to create and drive your go-to-market strategies. From web to print, the ella portal media library is a powerful resource to promote your business.